Terms of use

Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions regulate the relationship between Pfundspartner.com (Sebastian Xavier Gonzalez at Linkenboldstr. 57 in 72461 Albstadt, Germany) and the user who registers with us with their stored media data. These define the conditions in the usage agreement below. More information about the contact options can be found in the legal notice. We will answer emails at least within 24 hours, but usually within the first 1-2 hours. Our telephone number is Germany +49 with the number 0152 067 31465, telephone number of a German mobile phone subscriber.

The site Pfundspartner.com offers a website for private individuals to find other members for the purpose of partnership. The company on this website is the property of the entrepreneur Sebastian Xavier Gonzalez (also company name) in Linkenboldstr. 57 in 72461 Albstadt in Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

§ 1 Subject of the contract; Scope of service

With the free membership you do not enter into a contract. With the free membership you can search for a partner for free. Advantages such as the country search are advantages of a premium membership. You can open a limited number of new chats with the free membership. With the premium membership, you can open unlimited chats and the premium memberships that we offer at affordable prices have many other advantages. We are not a dating agency that is looking for a partner for you, you have to get in touch with other people independently via chat. We give no guarantee that you will definitely find a successful partnership here.

§ 2 Conclusion of contract

1. We only conclude contracts with people who are of legal age and have reached the age of 18.

2. Pfundspartner.com only concludes contracts with authentic people who have confirmed their name and email.

3. Access to Pfundspartner.com is only possible with a real email address; before entry you will receive a code that will be sent to your email address. This code from the email address must be entered in the registration form to become a member.

4. Paid memberships can be booked at Pfundspartner.com via PayPal Germany and can be canceled at any time.

§ 3 Contract term

We do not have contract terms at Pfundspartner.com. Premium memberships can be canceled at any time. Premium memberships automatically renew at the same time. We have the times weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime. We offer all premium memberships at low prices. If you stop and unsubscribe from a premium membership, you will automatically return to free mode, where there are no costs. You can delete the account yourself. If there is a problem, we will be happy to help you and respond to your request by the next day at the latest. A refund of membership costs is excluded if a premium membership is terminated prematurely.

§ 4 User obligations

1. The user is obliged to use this dating exchange only for private and non-commercial reasons to find a partner.

2. The user is obliged not to publish any erotic photos or videos in his profile. We are a non-erotic site and delete such content.

3. You are obliged to keep information that you receive from other users via chat and other forms of contact (email, address and private) secret and not to pass it on to third parties.

4. Furthermore, in the event of misuse, Pfundspartner.com must block users if the user acts again and take legal action to protect the person concerned.

§ 5 Deletion of profiles

1. In the singles exchange we require that a serious picture of you is shown as the main picture in your profile. Pictures of objects, children and even celebrities are not permitted here. No eroticism is permitted in the picture. Profiles that do not meet this condition will be removed by us without comment. Furthermore, profiles which show advertising, general spam or web links and any dubious form as well. We also reserve the right to remove other unspecified reasons that are also harmful to us and our members.

2. We assume that members do not write to other members directly with the first message using email, telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or similar contact details. We go assumes that this form of contact has scamming or other fraud as a background. To protect our members, such dubious people are automatically removed.

3. In our interest and in the interest of the members, people should only see reputable profiles when scrolling profiles and it should be ruled out that members are harmed by information provided by others in the profile. We hand-check each profile and check for any anomalies. There is no claim for compensation if we delete a profile if we exclude it from participation on Pfundspartner.com.

§ 6 Exemption

As a user, Pfundspartner.com releases you from all liability and from all obligations, expenses and claims for compensation that have been caused and made by you as a user in all respects due to defamation, insult and violation of personal dignity.</ p>

§ 7 Technology

Pfundspartner.com does not guarantee 24/7 accessibility of the domain; if the website fails, no claim can be made. Technical errors in the website cannot be claimed as damages.

§ 8 Right of withdrawal

The user can end their membership at any time; we do not have contract terms for premium memberships. Premium memberships are non-refundable if not used or terminated early. Credits purchased or gifted cannot be financially refunded. Since our prices are very low, no one should be bothered. Deviations from all points of the terms of use that are not specified can still be applied in the interests of the portal and the German legislature.